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Welcome to the Allies of Reni Guilds.

The purpose of this alliance is to provide a point of contact between guilds to coordinate instance runs without the traditional PUG groups. 

Players wanting to run instances but unable to due to lack of enough members in a guild online at the same time will sometimes leaves guilds in search of a guild that better suits their needs. The purpose of this alliance is to help proved static times for allied groups to run, setup expectations and requirements. 

Current standards for rolling on items are.
Need = wear (or use stat if no one can wear)
Greed = vendor item or stat
No needing for alts.

If no one needs the item but someone needs that stat for the character running the instance.  Each group has the option to establish their own rolling standards before the run as long as everyone in the party agrees.  If there is a dispute over a roll and a group is not using the Alliance standards then there will be no Alliance involvement in the resolution.  However the names and event will be noted so as to track patterns of any one particular player. 

Disputes will be heard and settled by the Alliance Ambassadors consisting of the guild leaders and their appointed Viceroy.

There will also be a place provided soon for trading items/stats. The Allied Market Place starting up in November.
If you are interested in being a part of this alliance please apply for membership at this site.
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Allies Channel
The Reni channel Allies is not to be used for questions about the game.  It's specific purpose is to announce times for events.  Events and static times will be posted on the calendar once enough members have joined the alliance.
Please show each other respect in Allies chat.
Recruiting Reni Guilds that have 1 or more members running level 50+ instances.
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